The Team

The team at Comnicate Media offer both genuine expertise and experience and are aware of the trends of the rapidly changing online world. Consequently we invite our clients to use us as another opinion for all things being digital.

Anthony Bodin

Anthony’s activities are a long way from his training as an electrical engineer. Having run a variety of technology companies over the past 20 years he appreciates the value of ensuring there is a constant flow of news and content from the organisation. Highlights include founding Australia’s third ISP that was acquired by a US based ISP, co-founding and being a non-executive director of IT &e Ltd, (who built the ComSec online share trading platform) and was listed on the ASX until it was acquired by the Toronto Stock Exchange. Lastly co-founding Exinda Networks, now a Boston based network optimisation company.

Nikole Gunn

It is highly likely you have already heard Nikole speak. With more than 20 years as an award winning broadcast journalist Nikole has worked at regional and large radio stations such as tripleM in news director and broadcast roles. An important part of broadcast journalism is rapid crafting of stories that engage the audience, so Nikole is well equipped to be the Content Director at Comnicate Media. Nikole’s reputation is further validated as a judge at the national awards, expert contributions to the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission, senior lecturer in journalism and freelance journalist.

Our History.

After years of successfully employing public relations firms to build our other companies, we clearly saw the value of PR. However, the Internet changed how people consumed news. As a consequence traditional media become less influential and the era of self publishing was upon us. So in 2010 we became one to the first companies to offer an end to end content marketing service. To this day we are unique in Australia in offering both a specialist publishing platform (NewsGoes) and content creation,

Our Value Proposition.

Comnicate Media provides Content Marketing solutions to organisations that need to develop and continue online engagement with customers, prospects, investors, donors, suppliers and staff, indeed all stakeholders. Outcomes include increased sales, donations, staff satisfaction, investor confidence, seminar attendances, market credibility and reduced sales cycles.

Content Marking is Comnicate Media’s sole focus. We are not a SEO firm, and events company or anything else, just content marketing. This ensures a high level of expertise, delivering the service more effectively and efficiently than the use of internal resources.

Our Difference.

We can confidently say Comnicate Media has a unique approach to satisfying our clients content marketing requirements. Comnicate combines a deep understanding of technology with journalism to create our turn-key solution NewsGoes. NewsGoes is a branded news-site microsite, that can be integrated with our clients website. This approach eliminates our clients need for expensive website makeovers and technical resources, whilst ensuring they have a superior content marketing solution.

Who We Are.

Comnicate Media, is a boutique content marketing company based in Melbourne Victoria. Since 2010 we have assisted companies of all sizes across Australia increase their sales, awareness and credibility through our unique approach to content marketing. We recognise that for many organisations engaging with stakeholders through news and story telling is important but not urgent. Consequently it falls through the cracks. We offer a fully managed service that requires minimal external management to address this need.