Anonymous  feedback tells you more

Research continuously tells us many team members are more confident suggesting, asking and inquiring via a confidential anonymous channel of dialogue. Frequently this can simply be attributed to cultural, generational, communication, lack of understanding of the corporate structure (a.k.a who to ask) or simply convenience.

Comnicate, with its focus on enhancing internal and external communications channels is addressing this challenge with SugAsk. This simple, effective web application requires no training and effectively removes the challenges that are associated with open frank bilateral communications.

Regardless of how approachable you believe managers are “you do not know what you do not know”. Suggask removes this endemic problem.

SugAsk is only provided via our Partner network.

Provide a valued service to your clients and prospects that costs you peanuts.

Comnicate does not offer SugAsk directly. It is only provided via our Partner Network. The terms upon which it is offered to companies users is controlled by our partners, however it typically is provided free of charge to their selected companies as a value-added or relationship building offering.

Typically our partners are recruitment, web development or professional services firms.

For more information please review the FAQs.

100% Anonymous, Confidential & Secure

All stakeholders can be confident that their questions and suggestions are and remain anonymous and confidential. The Suggask engine is designed to provide no possible tracking of the source of the submission by IP or email address.

Trend analysis

All submissions are stored so management can discover if there are recurring issues and considerations that managers need to be aware of and actions that can be taken. These can be filtered, notated and deleted as required.

Response if requested

Any user may add their email address if a response is required. Naturally anonymity is therefore removed, so SuggAsk becomes more like a traditional suggestion box.


A customised welcome header and specific support instructions for each company ensures legitimacy and ease of use, maximising the acceptance and use of the service. This is complimented by recognition of the company that provided the Q&A platform.

Reduce cultural and generational challenges.

Different cultures and generations have differing perspectives regarding the asking of questions, providing feedback and making suggestions. SuggAsk addresses this with anonymity providing transparent and honest responses.

Bilateral communications

Do you want an honest answer to controversial  and key questions? Pose the question via meetings, email and social media then solicit anonymous responses via SuggAsk.

Simple to use from any location, any device

SuggAsk is an effective and secure online application. It is logical, requires no instruction to use and can be accessed via smartphone, tablet or computer. For added security all submissions are encrypted end to end.

Provide for free or peanuts

SuggAsk is licenced to Comnicate partners, who can provide it free of charge companies as a value-added or relationship building offering. Typically our partners are recruitment, web development or professional services firms.