Unlock New Business and Build Goodwill

SquadNod is designed and built from the ground up as specialized Employee Engagement application. It is designed specifically for business and available only via Professional Services companies.

Partnering with Comnicate means you can affordably offer SquadNod to clients and prospects for free, differentiating your offering, building value and goodwill.

It provides your clients with real value and is ideal as a Recruitment, Web Developer and Professional Services enhancement.

Partner Benefits

  • Genuine Business Need – As knowledge based economies leveraging human capital it critical clearly understand issues and gain feedback from your team. However companies seldom offer  anonymous engagement for staff and other key stakeholders.
  • Constant Brand Awareness – Your brand is in front of management and team..
  • Outstanding Marketing Value – For as little $25.00 per client per annum. There are few, if any, more affordable ways to secure and retain clients.
  • Greenfields Offering – SugAsk is a new offering.  Our partners are able to offer a refreshingly unique benefit to their clients and prospects.
  • Adds Genuine Recurring Value – Not just a once off experience or novelty such as a pen, lunch or similar.
  • No Additional Workload – Designed to be “touch free” for our partner. Simple to offer to clients, simple to use with a high level of automation. Comnicate provides direct support in the unlikely event it is required.
  • Unlocks Additional Opportunities – Demonstrates awareness, professionalism and creates additional consulting opportunities.

Limited First In Opportunity

This Pre-Release Offer is strictly limited. Once our initial requirement is satisfied it this offer will no longer be available. Currently we are seeking an indication of interest only with no commitment in order to be eligible for the pre-release discount. In the first instance contact us to register your interest.

Save more than 50% by making a no-obligation registration.

To compare the Pre and Post Release Pricing click here.