Newsroom Platform

A fully managed and sophisticated platform that addresses the challenges associated with effective affordable stakeholder engagement. Fully compatible with existing web infrastructure, delivering outstanding results with minimal demand on your own business resources.

Publishing Content

At Comnicate Media we provide multi-modal content distribution to your choice of website, social media networks, RSS Feeds, email distribution lists, and mainstream media. Regular new content along with proven search engine optimisation maximise content visibility.

Content Creation

We create digital assets for your business. Our team create premium, search-friendly content. Every piece of content we create has lasting value to your business, enhancing reputation and credibility.

We do it all so you don't have to

Consider Comnicate Media your innovative content partner. Our unique program is a complete content marketing solution that can be established in days not weeks, whilst eliminating the need for expensive resources and website makeovers.

Optimised for SEO

We understand how to create great content with effective Search Engine Optimisation. This ensures our clients get content published that is engaging to read and increases your company’s visibility.

Social Media, RSS and Email Publication

Build your audience and maximise the value of your content with publication via social networks, email and RSS.

Designed to Publish News

The fully integrated NewsGoes publishing platform includes a powerful news microsite that attaches to your existing website in minutes with professional news publishing features. NewsGoes will instantly improve perceptions about the size and influence of your organisation.

Discover and Report

We use a variety of analysis tools to understand what content resonates with your audience, across all platforms; your news-site, social media and email. This enables continuous optimisation of the content to further engage your audience.

No Expensive Website Integrations

By using NewsGoes as your managed news site the need for website makeovers for a news capability are eliminated. Gone are the delays and costs associated with additional technical resources.

Experienced Content Production

No news syndrome? We will find the hidden gems. Stories and news that are authentic, engaging and relevant.

Creative, Operation and Technical Excellence

At Comnicate we are unusual by having a blend of strong creative, operational and technical resources. This means you can focus on business whilst taking comfort that you have excellent engagement with your stakeholders.

Local Flavour, Writing and Support

Comnicate Media is not a brokerage service so you get content that is authentic and aware of local nuances, strengthened by local support.