Login to SuggAsk and select the menu item, Create Account. Add client name, admin email address and a temporary password. This generated a personalise email on your behalf that invites the client to SuggAsk. Once they login they are able to publicise the service to their stakeholders, including a link that fully explains the service.

No, We get aggregated data such as the number of clients you have using the platform, but certainly nothing to identify your clients.

All clients are invoiced after setup. For Australia invoices may be paid via Direct Debit in Australian dollars. For other markets payment is made via credit card via our Stripe payment page. All international invoices are in USD.

Since SuggAsk is an online application it can be offered in any legal region.

No, it is only available via our partners. If an end user submits a request, we determine the potential value to our clients and refer them (if appropriate) as a lead to create a relationship with for business opportunity. Companies that do not represent an opportunity are declined access to the service, to maintain its perceived value.

Comnicate deals with companies in many verticals, however we see the ideal companies to promote SuggAsk to include recruitment, web development and professional services organisations.

Based on its features you might want to actually charge for SuggAsk. Whilst we cannot control your pricing model, this is against our recommendation. Use it to differentiate your offering from competitors.

Suitability can depend on three criteria; size, perhaps companies with more than five employees; companies that have team members in remote locations and thirdly companies with cultural and a generational spread of team members.

SuggAsk is branded as being provided by your organisation with a link to your website.

SuggAsk is simple to use with clear documentation. Support queries are directed to ourselves. There is also an knowledgebase to address andy questions.

Great! Please go to Contact Us and provide details. We will be in touch with you presently.

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