Content Marketing Workshop

We run half-day on-site workshops in Melbourne to show businesses how to implement an effective Content Marketing program that attracts more customers, sales and enhances reputation.

Workshop Agenda

  • Understanding content marketing.
  • The changing world of journalism and how it affects you.
  • A gap analysis of your current communications including your website, blog, social media, newsletters, group emails etc.
  • Discussion on stakeholders versus personas.
  • When to use text, video, podcast, infographics.
  • How to store, manage and repurpose your content.
  • Simple tips for improving search engine optimisation.
  • Using paid media gateways PRWire, Newswire.
  • Best practices.


Cost & Details

The in-house workshop is tailored and delivered specifically for your organisation. The workshop is not aligned with any particular vendor, service or technology.  Its key objective is enable your organisation to reap the benefits of Content Marketing in an effective and efficient way.

The cost is $480 plus GST for your organisation’s in-house half day workshop.

For more information

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To learn more call Anthony Bodin on 0404 422 480 or email us below.